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Production process

Production process

NLMK Pennsylvania operations include a Hot Strip Mill, Pickle Line, Tandem Cold Mill, Sendzimir ‘Z’ Cold Mill, Ebner Batch Annealing Furnaces, Temper Rolling Mills, Tension Leveler, two Coating Lines and a Metallurgical Laboratory

The Hot Strip Mill is capable of producing 2 Million tons of hot rolled coil annually in a width range of 35 in. - 53 in. and a gauge range of 0.059 in. through 0.650 in. Our 4-tank Pickle Line can process 1 million tons of Hot Rolled Coils annually between 29 in. and 56 in. wide and 0.060 in. through 0.187 in. in gauge.

hot rolled coil annually

Our Tandem Cold Mill can produce 900 thousand tons of cold rolled full hard material annually in a width range of 28 in. – 52 in. and a gauge range of 0.010 in. through 0.120 in. The Batch Annealing Furnaces can accommodate 696 thousand tons annually.

We have three Temper Rolling Mills with a combined capacity of 820 thousand tons annually between 28 in. and 52 in. wide and 0.010 in. through 0.125 in. in gauge. Our Tension Leveler can process 80 thousand tons annually between 33 in. and 53 in. wide and 0.010 in through 0.075 in. in gauge. The Z Mill at NLMK Pennsylvania is capable of producing 120 thousand tons annually between 30 in. and 52 in. wide and 0.015 in. through 0.185 in. in gauge.

Our two Coating Lines have a combined annual capacity of 775 thousand tons of Galvanized and Galvannealed coil in a width range of 24 in. – 72 in. and a gauge range of 0.010 in. through 0.135 in.

Hot rolled production

Steel slabs are received from NLMK Group or other outside vendors. The slabs are heated and descaled, then pass through edger rolls to achieve the desired width. Next, the slabs pass through a 4-high reversible roughing mill, coil box and rotary crop shear before heading to the finishing mill. Once passing through the 6-stand, 4-high finishing mill, the steel will be between 35 in. and 53 in. wide and 0.059 in. through 0.65 in. in gauge. The coils will then continue downstream or be shipped to the market as a Hot Rolled Coil.

Cold Rolled production

Our cold mill receives coils from our hot mill after they pass through our pickle line to remove any scale and have been edge trimmed to a final width. The coil is rolled to a desired thickness on our tandem mill and can go to the market as cold rolled full hard or proceed to our coating lines for further processing. Coils can also exit the tandem mill and continue through our cold mill for annealing, tempering and/or tension leveling to reach the desired mechanical and surface requirements to enter the market as a cold rolled fully finished coil. NLMK Pennsylvania produces cold rolled coil between 28 in. and 52 in. wide and 0.010 in. through 0.120 in. in gauge.

High carbon & alloy specialty production

NLMK Pennsylvania produces cold rolled specialty coils with high carbon levels and/or alloyed with other elements designed to produce special properties. This product is much stronger than other steel grades, requiring unique processing plants and equipment. Our Sendzimir Mill (“Z-mill”) is capable of cold rolling these grades down to 0.015 in. thick and up to 50 in. wide. This product line is linked to several markets including automotive, ‘quenched & tempered’, as well as the aerospace industry.

Coated steel production

Coating hot rolled or cold rolled steel with zinc increases the corrosion resistance of the steel. In galvanized steel production, the strip is annealed and passed through a molten bath of zinc adding the desired thickness of zinc with air knives. NLMK Pennsylvania offers coating weights between G30 and G235 on coils between 24 in. and 72 in. wide and 0.010 in. through 0.135 in. in gauge. We also offer a galvannealed product that, through additional annealing, is ideal for painted applications. Galvannealed coil is available in coatings weights from A25 through A60 on coils between 24 in. and 72 in. wide and 0.018 in. through 0.135 in. in gauge.