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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
Our Social Responsibility mission is to contribute to the development of the communities in which we work and live in a sustainable way.

NLMK USA has a formalized Social Responsibility program. There is a Social Responsibility Committee at each of our three locations. Each committee is composed of a diverse representative group for the location, including both management and workers’ participation. The committee’s job is to identify and select potential projects for the location to contribute to and consolidate them into an annual plan. The annual plan details out what actions are to occur, the number of participants and whether it is a volunteer effort or a donation.

Two main areas of focus include:

  • Volunteer efforts. Volunteer efforts is when NLMK employees volunteer their own time to support the community in a given project. Such projects range from Meals on Wheels to Habitat for Humanity, from soup kitchens to backpack programs.
  • Donations. Donations are the other focus area when NLMK employees raise funds to support charitable causes or gather resources such as school supplies, winter coats, canned food, etc.
Rober D. Miller
Rober D. Miller President and CEO, NLMK USA

NLMK USA has strong values that drive our business. One of these values is sustainability. We believe that in order to be truly sustainable, we have to consider all of our stakeholders, including the family of employees and communities in which we operate. We are creating partnerships with the local communities, building programs that help people who are less fortunate. As we continue to grow our business, our plan is to share our success and give back to the community in many possible ways.