NLMK Indiana Production process

NLMK Indiana produces high quality liquid steel in an electric furnace and hot rolls the continuously cast slabs on a 60 in. hot strip mill. The EAF Melt Shop is capable of producing 770 thousand metric tons of liquid steel annually. The Hot Strip Mill is capable of producing 1.2 million metric tons of hot rolled coils annually.

The Hot Strip Mill can produce hot rolled coils over a width range of 37.37 in. through 60.50 in. in a gauge range of 0.071 in. through 0.763 in. Nominal coil PIW can be produced in accordance with customer requirements, but maximum PIW peaks at 1,050. NLMK Indiana also offers discrete plate from 1 in. through 6 in.


metric tons of liquid steel annually

Because NLMK Indiana operates a fixed mold continuous caster, highly consistent coil weights result from an unchanging slab width and precision cut slab lengths. The fixed widths and lengths are defined as ‘Dimensional Classes’ and each is designed to produce a specific coil weight / PIW range coming off of the hot strip mill. See your Inside Sales Representative for a table of available Dimensional Classes.