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NLMK Group sets challenging goals that include achieving sustainable development objectives and contributing to environmental conservation and community welfare. These objectives are aligned with long-term economic interests.

NLMK Group’s sustainable development priorities are:

  • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Minimize environmental footprint
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Develop personnel
  • Develop local communities

Maintain a safe and healthy workplace. NLMK operates production facilities which can be hazardous and is responsible for the welfare of its employees. The Company strives to achieve global leadership in occupational health and safety among steel companies through the use of advanced occupational health and safety practices, efficient risk management and by motivating and actively involving its employees in occupational health and safety programs.

Increase operational efficiency. An important part of NLMK's Strategy is increasing operational efficiency. This means, among other things, a reduction in the consumption of certain resources through the introduction of advanced technologies and advanced recycling.

Minimize environmental footprint. One of the prerequisites for the success of NLMK's Strategy is minimizing the negative impact NLMK Group assets have on the environment. NLMK’s investment planning incorporates environmental impact as well as economic return.

Increasing energy efficiency. This strategic priority aims to decrease the amount of purchased energy supply and to increase captive energy generation through utilizing by-product gasses.

Develop personnel. NLMK sees the development of its employees as a prerequisite for the Сompany’s long-term competitiveness, the increased potential of its human capital and, ultimately, the increased fundamental value of the Сompany as a whole. High-quality professional training provides the level of employee qualification necessary for solving professional challenges. It also increases employee engagement, forms a favorable social and psychological climate in the workplace and has a direct impact on the development of NLMK’s corporate culture.

Develop local communities. Improving life quality in the areas where the Company operates is one of NLMK’s key social responsibility goals. The Company works with local communities to create new regional development opportunities and to resolve the most pressing social issues.