Working at NLMK USA

  • “We have a very eclectic workforce. People come from different backgrounds, different education levels, different ethnic groups, different races that come together and realize that here they are able to make a difference.”
    Joe Gazarkiewicz, HR Director at NLMK Indiana
  • “A lot of these people have been making steel for years. They know what is good for the process, what is bad for the process. Strong workforce.”
    John Miller, Cold Mill Unit Scheduler at NLMK Pennsylvania
  • “The steel community offers a different type of atmosphere where there is a culture of people looking out for each other. They tend to take care of each other.”
    Robert Browne, Director of Safety at NLMK USA
  • “Every day there is always something new: new process, new product, new problem that needs to be solved. It is a new success that we want to try to repeat. It is a challenge and it is rewarding every day.”
    Jasond Jones, Process Engineer at NLMK Indiana