NLMK Pennsylvania & Sharon Coating

NLMK Pennsylvania is the largest plant within NLMK USA. NLMK Pennsylvania operates as a conversion mill, turning slabs into hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils.

Sharon Coating is a galvanizing facility located just a few miles north from NLMK Pennsylvania. Sharon Coating processes coils from NLMK Pennsylvania, thus expanding NLMK USA’s product offerings with galvanized and galvannealed products.

NLMK Pennsylvania is a prime supplier of hot rolled, hot rolled pickle & oil, cold rolled, specialty high carbon and alloy products, hot dip galvanized and galvannealed products. NLMK Pennsylvania offers both EAF and integrated melt material, ranging from 1001 through 1095 grades and specialty alloy products.

The facility is located sixty miles north of Pittsburgh and fifteen miles east of Youngstown, Ohio. This ideal location enables us to service our major markets by truck, rail and barge. The markets we service include pipe and tube, appliance, automotive, construction, energy, industrial HVAC, office furniture and yellow goods.


  • Hot Rolled
  • Hot Rolled Pickle & Oil
  • Cold Rolled
  • High Carbon & Alloy Cold Rolled
  • Galvanized
  • Galvannealed

NLMK Pennsylvania
15 Roemer Boulevard
Farrell, PA 16121
+1 (724) 983-6464

Sharon Coating
277 N Sharpsville Ave
Sharon, PA 16146
+1 (724) 981-3545