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Selection process

Selection process

NLMK USA has adopted a human resources policy which aims to recruit and retain the most talented professionals in the industry.

We have a challenging, fast-paced environment that provides an opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

The strategic goal of our HR policy is to build a team capable of achieving the Company’s strategic objectives.

NLMK’s human resources policy is based on the principles of partnership between employees and the employer, shared responsibility for results, workplace safety, performance-based pay, equal opportunities for all employees and corporate social responsibility programs.

In line with these principles, NLMK consistently implements programs designed to create opportunities for professional development, motivate employees, promote the best performing employees and attract both young talent and experienced professionals to work for NLMK.

To continue to grow our team, we are searching for dedicated, self-motivated, results-driven, team-oriented individuals with strong ethical standards who are looking to succeed at a great company.