18 April 2019 NLMK Pennsylvania & Sharon Coating

The “Physical and Process Metallurgy Fundamentals of Carbon Steels” class took place at NLMK Pennsylvania on April 9 and 10.

The “Physical and Process Metallurgy Fundamentals of Carbon Steels” class took place at NLMK Pennsylvania on April 9 and 10. Eighty attendees from across the country came to learn about general principles of steelmaking and about processes that are specific to NLMK USA operations.
This two-day metallurgy class, a joint effort of the Sales, Quality and Operational departments has been regularly presented now for over a decade and has been held twice a year since 2015. The class covers a broad spectrum of steelmaking and all of the related processes, ranging from product grades and categories, through melting and casting and downstream through all of the finishing operations.

“The idea behind the class is to boil down the basics of a four-year metallurgical degree into a two-day class, while also sharing the highlights of the processing steps in a relatable and engaging way,” says Roger Walburn, General Manager of Specialty Products at NLMK USA.
Each day of learning is followed by tours of the three main operational areas in Pennsylvania: the Hot Strip Mill and Cold Rolling area at NLMK Pennsylvania and the galvanizing operations at Sharon Coating. The tours give participants an opportunity to see the operations first-hand as well as get something beyond just theoretical knowledge.

Throughout the years, the class has undergone a significant transformation. NLMK USA’s goal is to make the class relevant and understandable for a widely varied audience, ranging from entry level knowledge of metallurgy to technically minded specialists. The constant ongoing review process by seeking feedback from customers allows assessing the class and introducing improvements.

The primary purpose of the class is to promote education and share expertise. It is a resource that NLMK USA offers to the company’s customers. “We want our customers to know they can depend on us for any new challenges they face and to come to NLMK first with their questions and quotes,” says Walburn.

NLMK USA is one of the leading steel companies in the United States. With production sites at NLMK Indiana, NLMK Pennsylvania and Sharon Coating (NLMK Pennsylvania’s galvanizing operations), we produce flat rolled steel that is essential to modern manufacturing. We supply high quality steel coils to the construction, automotive, pipe and tube, and heavy equipment industries in the United States.

About NLMK Group
NLMK USA is a member of NLMK Group. NLMK Group is ranked by the World Steel Association as one of the top twenty steel-producing companies. World Steel Dynamics lists NLMK as one of the top five most effective steel companies in the world. NLMK’s metal products are used in a variety of industries, from construction and manufacturing to the production of power-generating equipment and off shore wind turbines. The NLMK team brings together 53,000 employees from across Russia, Europe and the United States.